Who Says Healthier Can’t Be Tastier?

Who Says Healthier Can’t Be Tastier?

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These days people believe that loving bread is like eating meat from factory farming or that you like trans-fatty acid. With gluten being cut from many meals, bread has earned a lot of negative statements.

The fact is, it’s not bread that is unhealthy in its natural form. Instead, the highly processed loaves of bread that are available in supermarkets and most of the fast-food bakeries. That kind of bread is not good for you, not because of the bread itself but because of all the additives that increase the shelf life of a bread. What next? Will you stop loving it?  

The answer is No. Bread is essential to our lives and a stable item for a balanced diet. We grew up with bread and it is a crucial food that goes with almost anything. Not to mention that there is always something special about sharing a home-made loaf of bread with your loved ones.

How Healthy is Sourdough?

While you want to cut down on simple carbs, there is no harm in enjoying a good slice of bread every now and then. And when we say good bread, we mean a bread that is made of flour, water, salt, and time. Time is an essential ingredient to bread making and the fermentation adds a lot of bacteria that is good for your digestion.  

Today’s consumers are far more conscious than past generations. They are taking a stand against everything from food to fashion. That’s why sourdough bread has attained a bit of focus these days- it’s the ultimate bread.

Sourdough is a healthier alternative to regular white or whole wheat bread that you buy from the market. The lower phytate levels present in the bread make it is more digestible and nutritious, and it may be less likely to spike blood sugar levels. Besides the nutritional benefits of sourdough bread, you can also enjoy the therapy of home baking.

Family Time

Baking sourdough bread is an art. But this art can be honed by patience and skill. Practice is key with baking anything, and when it comes to sourdough you need to give it more time. If you're a newbie to baking bread, you simply must try our sourdough bread baking kit. It has everything to show you the ropes! The kit was developed to bring families together in the kitchen and to create something delicious. Happy family enjoys baking together and making awesome memories. We know how busy life can be, but it is important to slow down and cherish the special moments together.

At West Hills Bread Co. we love to offer our Bread Monthly Subscription Plans for families that value time with their loved ones and enjoy making their own healthy food. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, our subscription plans will make it as efficient as possible for you to succeed at making an awesome and unique sourdough bread!