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When it comes to breakfast, the thought of a toasted slice of bread with a steaming cup of tea or coffee immediately comes to mind. Bread is the most convenient breakfast of all time. The bread tastes fine in all forms, whether it's in a sandwich or spread with jam or butter. The store-bought bread, on the other hand, is neither healthy nor economical. And yet, we continue to rely on store-bought bread because it makes our lives easier? West Hills Bread Co.'s Sourdough Bread Recipe combines the best of both worlds. The comfortable, inviting aroma of freshly made bread...

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Bread is a staple in our lives and a consistent component of a well-balanced diet. We were raised on bread, and it is an essential item that goes with practically everything. Not to mention the pleasure of sharing a homemade loaf of bread with your loved ones. Bread is the most common food we eat on a daily basis. When served as breakfast, a loaf of bread slathered with butter or grated cheese brightens our day. People nowadays feel that loving bread is equivalent to consuming factory-farmed beef or trans-fatty acids. With gluten being removed from many meals, bread has...

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At West Hills Bread Co. we love to offer our bread subscription plans for families that value time with their loved ones and enjoy making their own healthy food. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, our subscription plans will make it as efficient as possible for you to succeed at making an awesome and unique sourdough bread!

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There is something satisfying about smelling freshly baked bread in your own kitchen. There is a reason baking bread has its own kind of rituals. A loaf made from scratch is a mix between science and magic, where flour, salt, yeast, and water transform into golden, crusty edged, fluffy goodness. It is delicious and also empowering- a project that fills your home with aroma that satisfies deeply.  Sourdough bread is about love and if you are into baking your own bread, you learn by doing. You are not going to make a great loaf by watching videos or reading a...

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While many bakers would argue that almost all starters can be saved -- considering that there may be a chance of serious contamination -- discard starters that show signs of distress to be safe.

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