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When it comes to breakfast, the thought of a toasted slice of bread with a steaming cup of tea or coffee immediately comes to mind. Bread is the most convenient breakfast of all time. The bread tastes fine in all forms, whether it's in a sandwich or spread with jam or butter. The store-bought bread, on the other hand, is neither healthy nor economical. And yet, we continue to rely on store-bought bread because it makes our lives easier? West Hills Bread Co.'s Sourdough Bread Recipe combines the best of both worlds. The comfortable, inviting aroma of freshly made bread...

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Bread is the most conventional food item in our daily diet. A loaf of bread smothered with butter or grated cheese when served as breakfast makes our day. In this generation of 8 to 6 jobs we often rely on store bought breads to enjoy this hearty breakfast. But these store bought breads are neither healthy nor pocket friendly. And yet still we rely on those store bought breads because they make our life hassle free? Home Bread Baking Kits from West Hills Bread Co. brings you the best of both worlds. Now you can bake your own healthy and...

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