Should I buy Sourdough Starter from a stranger on the internet?

Should I buy Sourdough Starter from a stranger on the internet?

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Should I buy Sourdough Starter from a stranger on the internet?

If I buy a bad starter, can it make me sick?

Ok, let us start with the first question.

Like in everything else you purchase, buyer beware. Make your own risk assessment. Personally I would not purchase food products from a source that does not have oversight from the health dept. 

As far as can a bad starter make you sick?

Starters work by creating an ideal place for wild yeast and friendly bacteria to settle and populate. If treated correctly, these friendly microorganisms will make the dough untenable for unfriendly germs -- the friendly bacteria will produce lactic acid, which will make the bread tangy and the starter toxic to most microorganisms. However, if you allow the yeast in your starter to die, room will become available for germs and toxin-forming bacteria -- such as E. coli -- to settle in. While many bakers would argue that almost all starters can be saved -- considering that there may be a chance of serious contamination -- discard starters that show signs of distress to be safe.


There is tons of information on internet of what good/bad starter should look like Etc. If you are making your own DO LOTS OF RESERCH on how to make it safely.

If however you are committed to buying a Sourdough Starter we think you should buy it from a reliable, thoroughly vetted source like King Arthur Flour Company - Classic Fresh Sourdough Starter - 1 oz. | King Arthur Baking with shipping it will set you back 18$ or so. You will NEED to follow the directions and WILL NEED to FEED it as often as suggested, or it will not SURVIVE.

One of the reasons I started West Hills Bread Co. was so I could offer a Superior Sourdough Bread Kit that did not need a starter. Great Sourdough Starter is amazing! It is also time consuming, messy and needs constant up-keep. If you have the commitment to create and maintain a safe sourdough starter we say, GO FOR IT!

If you have tried and failed or are too busy to keep the starter alive, or maybe you just want to make an amazing unique sourdough bread? In that case we suggest you give our West Hills Bread Co. Sourdough Bread Kits a try!

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