Making Your First “Good” Loaf with Sourdough Bread Kits

Making Your First “Good” Loaf with Sourdough Bread Kits

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There is something satisfying about smelling freshly baked bread in your own kitchen. There is a reason baking bread has its own kind of rituals. A loaf made from scratch is a mix between science and magic, where flour, salt, yeast, and water transform into golden, crusty edged, fluffy goodness. It is delicious and also empowering- a project that fills your home with aroma that satisfies deeply. 

Sourdough bread is about love and if you are into baking your own bread, you learn by doing. You are not going to make a great loaf by watching videos or reading a cookbook. What you need to do is to get your hands in the dough and try it a few times. Even after making sourdoughs for years, you may still get bloopers. Be patient, stay with the process, learn to work with the ingredients, and enjoy the successful rise of your bread.  

Technically, sourdough is known for its tangy flavour, chewy texture and crackly crust.  From a health standpoint, it is best when compared to supermarket loaves. The naturally occurring process helps make it more digestible and easier to absorb.

Sourdough Bread- What makes it Sour?

Traditionally, sourdough bread is made using wild yeast.  Wild yeast needs a little more feeding and works a more slowly than commercial yeast. This is one reason why many sourdough breads are mixed, shaped, and baked over a course of day, or even multiple days. Besides giving time to the wild yeast to do its job, this slow and long process helps tease out more matured flavours in the finished bread which is more dominating than any average loaf of sandwich bread.

While the wild yeast is the showstopper, it’s not what makes the bread sour. The distinctive sour flavour comes from two good bacteria- Lactobacillus and lactobacillus — which grow in the sourdough culture and help ferment the dough.

Easy Way Baking with Sourdough Kits

Remember, you can always avoid the fuss of old school bread baking with home bread baking kits! Unlike other sourdough recipes that can take a whole lot of time to make, this easy process requires no kneading, and once the dough is set, it’s ready to be baked and served in less than an hour. There is no added flavour or colour, and everything is just easy. Slice up your loaf and spread on some fresh butter for a delightful homemade meal. 

Freshly baked sourdough bread is best to be eaten the day it is baked, but for a smaller family, you might not eat more than a couple of pieces. You can store your bread on the counter in a bread bag or you can keep it in the refrigerator or freezer in a zipper bag. When it is home-made, you will love every bite of this delectable loaf. You will be rewarded for your efforts!

We would love to hear your baking story! And if you do not fancy baking your own sourdough from scratch, try our sourdough bread making kits, we bet you would fall in love with this newly developed passion. Try homemade bread baking kits from West Hills Bread Co. and enjoy baking with your family. 

Taste the Sour, Bake it Easy.