Easy Sourdough Bread Baking Recipe

Easy Sourdough Bread Baking Recipe

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Bread is the most conventional food item in our daily diet. A loaf of bread smothered with butter or grated cheese when served as breakfast makes our day. In this generation of 8 to 6 jobs we often rely on store bought breads to enjoy this hearty breakfast. But these store bought breads are neither healthy nor pocket friendly. And yet still we rely on those store bought breads because they make our life hassle free? Home Bread Baking Kits from West Hills Bread Co. brings you the best of both worlds. Now you can bake your own healthy and tasty sourdough breads without any hassle involved. You can order fresh bread kits online from West Hill Bread Co. and avoid the traditional inconvenient and time consuming process of bread baking.

Home Bread Baking Kits from West Hills Bread Co. comes with a full sourdough bread baking kit containing:-

  • Clear and easy directions
  • 1 Dry mixture bag
  • 1 Liquid starter pouch
  • 1 Sachet of yeast and
  • 1 Sheet parchment paper

The procedures you need to follow with home bread baking kits are very convenient and less time consuming. So, let us enjoy a bread baking time together.

First, you need to take a bowl and fill it with one and two-thirds cups of warm water and then pour the whole packet of yeast that comes with the kit and give this mixture a little stir and then leave this mixture undisturbed for ten minutes. Now, take the bag of dry mixture that came along with the kit, empty the whole dry mixture in a mixing bowl and stir. Then take the liquid mixture of water and yeast, which you had left earlier for ten minutes. Pour this mixture of yeast into the dry mixture in your mixing bowl. Now, take the liquid starter pouch that came along with Home Bread Baking Kits and pour its content into the mixing bowl. Here comes the best part with this Home Bread Baking Kits, no kneading is required to make the perfect dough. Mix all these ingredients very well with the help of a wooden spoon or silicone spatula and try to give the dough a rounded shape. Now cover this mixture with a plastic wrap and let it sit for thirty minutes. After completion of thirty minutes, wet your hands and fold the dough once in each direction and down on each fold. Create a nice ball shaped dough and place the dough on the parchment paper that comes with the kit. Cover this dough with plastic wrap and let it sit again for another one hour. After one hour you will notice the size of the dough has increased and it has become fluffier due to the presence of yeast.

Next Part

Your dough is ready for scoring. But scoring your dough is an optional step which you can skip. Scoring of the dough is done for the purpose of decoration sometimes, other times to help the bread cook well. Scoring the dough is a very easy process. Remove the plastic wrap covering the dough, take a sharp knife, razor blade or a pair of clean scissors and make some decorative cuts on the body of the dough. Now, preheat your oven for fifteen minutes at the required temperature, and put the cooking sheet with the dough on the parchment paper in the oven and let it cook for thirty to forty minutes.

After it is cooked for thirty to forty minutes in the oven, bring out your well cooked sourdough bread. Enjoy the visual appeal of your golden brown sourdough bread. Let me remind you though your sourdough bread is out of the oven, but it is still cooking on the inside. So, let it sit for one hour out of the oven, then cut a fresh slice of bread and enjoy.

It is easy to make your own homemade sourdough bread using Home Bread Baking Kits from West Hills Bread Co. Now enjoy fresh home baked sourdough breads from your kitchen. Order Fresh Bread Kits Online from West Hills Bread Co. You can also utilize the benefit of our  monthly subscription plans to avoid the inconvenience of ordering Home Bread Baking Kits every time. Happy Baking!